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For the strategic development of Zhizhan company, we now have the following vacant jobs:

Market planning staff

1. Collect information on marketing and market strategy to expand marketing channels and patterns.
2. Maintenance of company image, advertisement and promotion of the project brands.
3. Ability of independently accomplishment of project advertisement and marketing promotion.
4. In charge of planning exhibition events , procedure control and visitors’ organizing.
5. Advertisement planning and management.
6. Instruct to make publicity materials in support of sales staff.
7. Temporary stuff assigned by superior leader.

1. College degree or above, a priority of Advertisement, Marketing, Exhibition or relevant majors.
2. Experience of independently planning exhibition and team cooperation with large scale events.
3. Keep update on new media promotion strategy.
4. Challenging, ambitious and tough.

2 person in this job

Exhibition salesman


1. Communicate with clients provided by the company to develop potential clients.
2. Seek clients requirements by phones, network or fax to develop potential clients.
3. Maintenance of regular clients.
4.Communicate with partner clients regularly to build friendly long-term partnership.

1. Fluent Mandarin and appealing tones preferred.
2. High enthusiasm of sales work.
3. Ability of learning and excellent communication skills.
4. Perseverance, intelligence, good at taking stress.
5. Smart market insight, sense of responsibility, positive working attitude, those who had telemarketing experience preferred.

Sales assistant


1. Supervise business personnel and make forms for the improvement of company sales management system.
2. Edit business materials assisted by sales personnel.
3. Maintenance of network channel with network promotion personnel.
4. Responsible for all business calls, materials and clients feedback.
5. Systemize sales financial account, clients maintenance and communication.
6. Daily working journal
7. Temporary stuff assigned by superior leader.


1. High school or above, working experience of over 1 year or fresh graduate of Marketing, E-commerce major preferred.
2. Experience of network maintenance.
3. Careful and serious-minded.
4. Ability of communication and coordination.

Social benefits:

1. Eight working hours every day and 1.5 days off every week. Following national legal holidays.
2. Traditional festival gifts, birthday gifts, traveling opportunity, year ending gifts, Seniority allowance.
3. Paid professional training.
4. Impeccable promotion system and broad development space.
5. Neat working environment, friendly social relationship, splendid monthly events, fair compete promotion and lovely leaders & teammates.
6. Five social insurances covered.
7. Vehicle for management level staff and fuel allowance,

Dedicated to cultivate talents, Shandong Zhizhan provides nice learning chance and development space for every staff. Teamwork, efficiency, dedication and innovation are essential qualities for everyone. Hope you can join us and grow with us! We appreciate growth, value, dream and happy more than you do!
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Shandong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address:Room 409 Zhineng Garden, No.28 Hualong Road, Licheng District, Jinan
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