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China International Trading Promotion Association
China Health Industry Development Alliance
Asian Organic Product Development Center
Asian Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center
Haiming Group
Organizational Unit:
Shandong Zhi Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Effective drink trade conference
For urban people who drink almost no less than a bottle (cup) per person per day, drinks are simply related to our lives. In 2017, the Chinese beverage market achieved a total retail sales of social consumer goods of 300,931 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%. After deducting the price factor, the actual increase was 10.6%. The size of the consumer goods market exceeded 30 trillion yuan for the first time, achieving steady growth on a larger base. In recent years, the total output value of China's beverage industry has also continued to grow. According to relevant media forecasts, the size of China's beverage market will continue to grow at a rate of more than 30%. In 2017, it will exceed one trillion yuan, and by 2021 it will reach 1.7 trillion yuan
2018 China (Jinan) International High-end Beverage Exhibition will be held at Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 18th to 20th, 2018. The exhibition covers domestic and international liquor, high-end fruit and vegetable beverages, high-end plant beverages, high-end drinking water, and functionality. Drinks, high-end instant drinks, high-end dairy products, high-end tea, etc., for enterprises to build trade platform for cooperation, improving corporate image, promoting branded market, promoting industry technology exchange and cooperation .

Enriched activities and enhance the value of the exhibition
● 2018 beverage company tasting promotion meeting
● 2018 Coffee Lahua Innovation Competition
● Buyer's accurate matchmaking meeting
● Internet + Import and Export Food Industry E-commerce Exchange Conference
● Awards for high-quality exhibitors' awards, including “Top Ten Recommended Brands” and “Exposition Gold Awards”, etc., to enhance the influence of corporate brands (please consult the Organizing Committee for details)
Cooperated media
Tencent, Sina, Sohu, Phoenix, Xinhua, China Food & Beverage Merchants, Hot Food & Beverage Merchants, China Food Industry Network, China Food Exhibition Network, China Food Portal, World Factory Food Network, Food Information Network, Search Food Network, Netease, International Online, China Enterprise News Network, China Financial Network, China Economic Net, China Online, HC Network, Fortune Online, Global Network, Hexun, China Net, Focus China, etc.;
Hand in hand with hundreds of authoritative media such as major TV stations and newspaper media in Shandong Province to conduct comprehensive and multi-angle publicity and coverage of this exhibition. Exhibitors may also provide the organizing committee with a list of users who wish to invite in advance, and the organizing committee will issue an invitation to them.

Invited visits, buyers range:
National beverage channel dealers; provincial first-level, second-level agents, distributors and wholesalers; online and offline food and beverage malls;
With a large database of buyers, there are more than 8,000 corporate members engaged in food and beverage agency, sales and related industries. The company is instructed to lead the food industry associations (commercial) associations of various provinces and cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and China's top 100 food enterprises.
National national star-rated hotels and various brand hotel chains, night markets, commerce companies, food traders, buyers, wholesalers, importers, catering stores, distributors, chain stores, bars, wine importers.
Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Hualian, Century Lianhua, Jingkelong, Auchan, CP Lotus, Metro, traders, distributors, agents, gift group purchases, large chain hotels, resorts.
Nearly 50,000 people from the retail industry, general manager, executive chef and purchasing director, major purchasing managers and agents visited the site to help brand exhibitors establish high-end business circles, improve business development efficiency and reduce cooperation transaction costs. .
In-depth cooperation with industry e-commerce chambers of commerce/associations, cross-border e-commerce associations, network business associations and other industry authorities, to increase the invitation of e-commerce, and strive to recommend more quality e-commerce buyers for exhibitors.
Extensively organize members of the provincial and municipal associations to visit the exhibition, and pre-arrange large-scale buyers and distributors for exhibitors, arrange procurement and docking negotiations at the exhibition site, and strengthen business liaison between the same industry.
Exhibition scope
Famous wines at home and abroad: domestic wines such as white wine, rice wine, fruit wine, health wine, medicinal liquor, beer, wine, rice wine, and other foreign wines such as champagne, Weimeisi, Baozuli, aperitif, refreshing wine, liqueur, cocktail, etc. Spirits and related ancillary products;
High-end fruit and vegetable drinks: blueberry juice, mango juice, jujube juice, sea buckthorn juice, oyster sauce, pomegranate juice, coconut juice, tomato juice drink, carrot juice, fruit wine, fruit vinegar and other geographically-characteristic new resources fruit and vegetable drinks;
High-end plant beverages: edible fungi drinks, algae drinks, cereal drinks, flower juice drinks, herbal tea drinks, etc.;
High-end drinking water: glacier water, tea, soda, alkaline water, aerobic water, deep ocean water, negative hydrogen water, functional water, etc.;
Functional drinks: beauty drinks (collagen drinks, enzymes, flower tea, rose drinks, vinegar drinks), etc.; sobering drinks (Gegen drink, Gehua soup, hangover soup, hangover liver drink, hangover) Dew), etc.; special functional beverages (high-nutrient beverages, sports drinks, health drinks for sub-healthy people).
High-end instant drinks: coffee, nutritious fruit and vegetable powder, tea powder, fruity solid beverage, solid soda (effervescent tablet), ginger powder, etc.
High-end dairy products: organic milk, lactic acid bacteria products, dairy products, student drinking milk, infant milk drinks, etc.;
High-end tea: the best green tea, black tea, flower tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, yellow tea, herbal tea, flower and fruit tea, etc.;
High-end beverage support services: brand planning, packaging design, packaging machinery, packaging containers and related research units.

Booth fee
Booth Dimention Domestic client Foreign client
Standard 3M*3M RMB 6800 $1200
Luxury 3M*3M RMB8800 $1500
Raw sace >=36 M2 RMB 800/M2 $150/M2
A. Standard booth configuration: booth height 2.5 meters, fascia (company name) production, a reception desk, two chairs, 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, cleaning service.
B. Luxury booth configuration: booth height 3.5 meters, seesaw (company name) production, a reception desk, two chairs, 220v power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet, cleaning service.
C. Raw sace is rented based on 36m2, without any configuration, and it is necessary to pay the construction management fee and electricity fee. The order of booth allocation is: arrangement after the application and payment!

Journal AD fee
Front Cover Back Cover Spread Page Second and third page Inner color page
RMB12000 RMB10000 RMB 8000 RMB 8000 RMB 5000
Inner black and white page Ticket Exhibitor certificate Visitor Pass Product promotion conference
RMB 2000 RMB5000 per 10000pcs RMB5000 per 1000pcs 8500 per 10000pcs RMB5000/30min

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