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2018 China Intelligence Preschool education exhibition

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2018 China (Chengdu) Early education and Preschool facilities Exhibition

Dec.12 to Dec.14
Chengdu Century city New international Exhibition center


Asian Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center
China International Trade Promotion Association
Haiming Exhibition Group
Shandong Zhizhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Marketing introduction:
At present, Education has become a sunrise industry. At the same time, many people choose to enter the education industry for entrepreneurship every year, especially in the early education market. Now parents are paying more and more attention to the children's early education. In 2015, the market for early childhood education in China was around 138 billion yuan. With the growth of China's national economy and the promotion of policies, it is expected that the market size of China's early education industry will maintain a relatively stable growth with the opening of the "second child" policy and parents' understanding of early education.
The pre-school education scale will increase to 6 million in 2019 due to the “Comprehensive Two-Child” policy, and about 11 million people will be added in 2020. The new school-age population will reach a peak of 15 million in 2021. It is estimated that there will be nearly 110,000 kindergartens in 2021. There is a lot of room for entrepreneurship in this field.
Exhibition introduction:
2018 Chengdu Preschool Education and Early Childhood Education Exhibition will serve the practitioners of the early childhood education industry with its professionalism, scale and industrialization. It is also an important communication platform for accelerating early childhood education in the southwest and international and domestic early childhood education industry. This exhibition is preferred event for visiting,purchasing, learning, and the best channel for domestic and foreign brands to expand into the mainland market. The exhibition is centered on Chengdu, radiating this southwest region, adhering to the goal of “Building the most professional preschool education exhibition in China”, taking “industry learning, negotiating cooperation” as the direction, and “promoting the development of early childhood education industry” as the purpose. 2018 Chengdu preschool Education and Early Childhood education exhibition will supply more Early childhood education companies convenient development opportunities.
Early childhood education agents, wholesalers, network agents, franchisees, retailers, online retailers
Preschool education product distribution center wholesale, purchasing group, department store, commercial real estate, store procurement agent
Public and private kindergarten directors in Sichuan and surrounding provinces, head of early education institutions, government procurement department
Investors interested in entering the toy preschool education industry, professional media for early childhood education
Exhibited products:
Early childhood education: 0-3 years old early education institutions, children's training institutions, early childhood education centers, parent-child centers; early childhood education research and development institutions, early childhood counseling institutions, educational supplies and other franchise chain institutions, domestic and foreign children's foreign language training institutions;
Kindergarten wisdom education: electronic whiteboard, touch machine, multimedia course, projector, APP and security management software, kindergarten pick-up system, tablet computer, etc.;
Kindergarten supporting facilities: kindergarten furniture, desks and chairs, outdoor slides, naughty castles, combination amusement toys, children's castles, inflatable play equipment, children's game racks, etc.
Kindergarten decoration design categories: kindergarten environment design, all kinds of kindergarten plastic flooring, floor mats and artificial turf;
Preschool supplies: kindergarten books, children's publications, school bags, garden clothes, bedding, kindergarten tableware, disinfecting wet wipes, stationery, painting supplies, animated audio and video products, manual courses, game courses, scientific experiment courses, left and right brain development materials, etc. ;
Educational toys: building blocks toys, jigsaw puzzles, intellectual assembly toys, tabletop toys, remote control toys, wooden and simulation models, etc.
Booth fee:
Booth type Cost Facilities
standard(3×3=9㎡) Domestic company ¥6800
Foreign company ¥8800
Booth siding, company fascia board, a negotiation table, two negotiation chairs, two spotlights
Brand booth(3×3=9㎡) Domestic company ¥8800
Foreign company ¥12000
Booth siding, company fascia board, a negotiation table, two negotiation chairs, two spotlights,carpet
Raw sace
(36㎡ and up)
Domestic company ¥700/㎡
Foreign company ¥1300/㎡
The raw sace does not carry any exhibits and power supplies. The exhibitors will design their own booth and the exhibition hall will charge a special installation fee.
AD fee:
Journal Cover(F) Journal Cover (B) The second and third page of Journal Journal inner page Technical Seminar
RMB 10000 RMB 8000 RMB 5000 RMB 3000 RMB12000/hour
Ticket Exhibitor certificate Visit ticket handbag Enterprise only
RMB20000/20000PCS RMB10000/1000PCS RMB8000/5000PCS RMB6000/1000Pcs RMB30000/3 hours
Arched door   Square AD Flag in the exhibition hall Opening sponsorship Opening dinner sponsorship
6000 6000 6000 50000 RMB100000
Organizing committee contact information:
Shandong Zhizhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd
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Tel:400-600-2726 0531-83175588         

Shandong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd
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